Below are our ad specifications and tips for getting the best result from your final product. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your ad representative or send us a message here.


Press-Ready Ads

  • Acrobat PDF preferred (exact dimensions, outlined fonts and no crop marks)
  • Minimum resolution 300 dpi
  • PSD, TIF, EPS or JPG
  • Ads must be exact dimensions, outlined fonts, no crop marks and no spot colors (convert to CMYK)
  • For best results any black, unless it appears in a photo, should be 100% K, no process.
  • Newsprint will print darker than what appears on screen. Please adjust photos accordingly (if you have any specific concerns, please contact your ad representative).
  • If the guidelines are not met, we will have to modify your ad at an additional fee.

Software Programs

  • InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
  • We cannot accept Pagemaker, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, or Excel files.


  • For best printing no smaller than 10 pt.
  • Limited use of process color recommended
  • Reverse type no smaller than 12 pt – bold, sans-serif fonts work best.
  • All black type should be 100% K, no process

Newspaper Facts

Printed: Offset

Style: Tabloid

Columns: 4

Column width: 2 5/16”

Column Widths

One Column = 2.3125”

Two Column = 4.875”

Three Column = 7.4375”

Four Column = 10”

File Submission

  • Prefer PDF files in exact dimensions, outlined fonts, CMYK and no crop marks. For most flexibility (ads that will need edits) submit InDesign files with all fonts and graphics in a zipped file.
  • Email (5m or smaller) Email your completed ad to your advertising representative.
  • FTP Upload

Please contact a sales representative if you have any questions.