The Benefits of Targeted Community Marketing

Each community newspaper serves as the official voice of the community. The editorial content is written by and for the benefit of the residents. This is their information source, and their lifeline to the community at large. Because the editorial content is so highly relevant, these publications have a long shelf life. With the combination of both the printed and online edition, your advertising message will consistently reach our readers. Few publications can boast 100% saturation of any one particular market segment.


The Benefits of Advertising Each Month

Advertising each month reinforces your presence and educates consumers about your business. Statistically, it takes at least three consecutive months to achieve results from an ad. Residents have trust in their community newspaper, therefore, seeing your ad in every month makes them feel comfortable doing business with you.

You should budget to advertise every month. Advertising is the best way to educate potential consumers on the goods and service you offer. Remember, competition is high for this lucrative “55+” market.


How Can Advertising In This Market Contribute To My Bottom Line?

Based on the 2013 Robson Communities New Homebuyer Survey, over 95% of new homebuyers have an annual income between $75,000 and over $200,000. These are the consumers who control half of this country’s discretionary income.

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Robson Publishing, a division of Robson Resort Communities Inc., has been producing community newspapers for over 46 years. Each Robson community newspaper informs residents about community events, feature stories, clubs, sports and religious news as well as local area happenings. The newspapers are distributed free of charge to every homeowner and property owner in their respective community. All print editions of our newspapers are available online.


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Source Books

The Source Book is the official, up-to-date homeowner telephone directory, business directory and resource guide published yearly for the residents of each Robson Community. The Source Book is the most complete source of information about the community and surrounding area and state. It’s the one book residents turn to on a daily basis. It is available in print and online.

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